New to making soy candles

karen_bNovember 7, 2007

I haven't made candles since I was a teenager and would like to start refilling my own crocks & glass containers. Soy wax, cotton wicks, no scent or color. I was hoping I could get recommendations from experienced candle makers on suppliers of soy wax & what kind works best for large crocks (>75 oz) & glass containers like old Yankee & canning jars.

Also what kind/size & brand cotton wicks do you all recommend along with a source.

I recently had to find a new candle shop to refill my crocks and was taken back from what she charged. I used to pay $10 for an 86 fl oz crock of paraffin to $46 for soy. I didn't pay that much for the crock already filled.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions & recommendations.

Karen in southcentral PA

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Hi, I started making soy candles this year. Not a pro, but learning alot. I started with a kit from MillCreek Soy Wax Candle Supply. Maybe check them out!
Courious why you don't want any scent?

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I burn candles for the ambiance not the aroma. If I want aroma I'll bake cookies or a pie or something like that. Besides I don't want to inhale the toxins the oils may emit.

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I just posted to you at the Craft forum..

I will wax burns better when a fragrance oil is'll have to up the wick size actually to burn a non oil scented candle.

And about the toxins...If you buy quality oils, presented by people who work hard at having them created to get quality products.

Most people that have trouble with burning candles, actually have trouble with the "gas"(I don't know what the technical term is. LOL) given off by paraffin burning, not the oil that fragrances them.

I have an asthmatic that purchases only my soy candles, because she can't be around any others without an attack happening.

And if you want ambiance, with no scent the cheapest way to get that isn't soy, but palm steric acid.And paper wicks are best for that "wax". Which you can buy at candle supply's an additive used with paraffin wax to "stregthen" the wax to make stronger molded candles like pillars and such.

Hmm which gives me the thought that maybe you should look at palm waxes, or palm based waxes.

Here is a link that might be useful: Candle-wic

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Hi, I really could use a little help. Has anyone made a soy candle in a large foil container? I wanted to know if this is practical, cheaper, and feasible? I ask because I want to start making them for myself, and my family. And I'm trying to learn about the containers before I get started. I appreciate all responses, and I thank you.

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