Cleaning dusty top of gel candle?

snikcillaNovember 15, 2006


Is there a way to clean the dusty top of a gel candle? The dust won't wipe or rinse off. Candle has never been burned. (I am not a candle maker, so I really don't know how gel reacts.)

Can I scrape it off with a razor blade? or Melt the very top of candle and pour it off? Or is there some cleaner I can use?

This was a gift and I would like to salvage it somehow, but the top looks pretty bad. Underneath it is perfect.

Thank you for your help!

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I'm thinking you could scrape it. I'd use a plastic spoon.

Although, I don't know nothin about Gel candles...I'll ask at my candle forum..we've got a few "gellers" there.

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Here is the first reply.

Take a soft cloth I usually use an old t-shirt and mineral oil gently wipe it. It will leave lines in the gel but in a few hour a day at the most those will disappear.

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