Hair scent/freshener (buy or make)

LibbyLizNovember 30, 2003

I posted this to the "Beauty and Fashion" board, because it belonged there, but I realized folks here work with scents that can be used on the body, so the post belongs here as well.

I hope someone can help me!!!

Has anyone seen a hair scent/freshener on store shelves or a recipe of such that I could make myself using essential oils, etc., minus alcohol which would tear up my already beyond dry hair?

If you don't know of the product I'm talking about, it's a hair mist/perfume to get rid of the smell of tobacco smoke, cooking odors, etc. It's like Febreze for hair.

Many years ago I found one by L'Oreal at a Wal-Mart or Drug Emporium, but I haven't seen it since. I did a web search & couldn't find one for L'Oreal, so they must've stopped making it. But I found The Body Shop has one, yet the closest one of their stores to me is a 2-1/2 hour drive away in Memphis & they don't sell their stuff on-line yet.

I've looked in all our local stores & haven't been able to find anything other than spray-on/leave-in hair conditioner or regular body/perfume/cologne spray.

Many thanks in advance for any/all replies!

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Let me drop this down. I got a couple responses on the other forum & one privately.

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