Why Didn't My Colored Bath Salts Color the Water?

just_me_6November 15, 2010

I made bath salts using the following recipe. I wanted a lavender color so I used liquid soap dye instead of food coloring.


� 4 cups Epsom salts

� 1 cup course ground sea salt, high quality (preferably Dead Sea Salts or Celtic Sea Salts)

� 1 to 2 teaspoons glycerin, optional

� 10 drops food coloring, optional

� 30 to 40 drops essential oil (aromatherapy oil), optional

� 1 cup baking soda

� 1 cup ground (powdered) oatmeal, optional

� 3 Tablespoons dried flowers or herbs, optional

The bath salts were lavender but they didn't color the water. What kind of dye should I have used that would color the water a lavender color?

I know I could have mixed food coloring to try to make a lavender color but that is hard to do. I want to use a color that will make a beautiful lavender shade and not 'make do' with a questionable shade made from mixing basic food colors.


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I don't color my bath salts, so I am just speculating. But it seems to me that you used a very small quantity of color, relative to your volume of salts.

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Actually I ended up using the whole bottle of liquid soap coloring to get the salts the exact shade of lavender I wanted and it still didn't color the water :-(

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It's just a guess, I think that the colour is just to colour the salts, not the bath water.

You could do an experiment:

Take a cup of water, and try to colour that to your satisfaction. Then, (multiply it out for a bathtub) and determine if it is worth adding colour at all?

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