RECIPE: Spaghetti sauce....Low sodium

KarenOctober 4, 2001

Does anyone have a good recipe for homemade spaghetti sauce that is low sodium, or even no sodium at all? My mother-in-law has a heart condition and is on a very strict diet.

Thanks so much for any help


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Tomatoes are naturally high in sodium even if no salt is added.
But you could cook up some fresh tomatoes with sauteed onion, green peppers and garlic.....add a lot of oregano and basil. It wouldn't be "low-low" sodium....but would be a lot better than any of the canned or jar sauces.
Linda C

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I use hunt's canned tomatoes - they come in No Salt Added (as do the tomato paste and tomato sauce).
Then I use McCormick's Italian seasoning - there's one with a red top that is all herbs, no salt. McCormicks also has a great Garlic & Herb seasoning that is in the no-salt section with a green top.
Then, make sure to use plenty of onions and pressed garlic, sauteed in olive oil in the pan before adding the tomatoes.
Sometimes I will mix a bottle of Healthy Choice spaghetti sauce with a can of Hunts no salt added tomatoes, and then season with herbs from there. But I always start with the sauteed onions/garlic.

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I too have a heart condition and I love meatballs in sauce.
I thought I was doing OK with one of the jar sauces until I
woke up with an extra 7 pounds of fluid according to my scale.
I had made sauce from scratch before and it was fantastic, but
it takes all day to make. So, when the great summer tomatoes
are ripened, I buy 2 bushels and use a recipe from an old 35
CENT Kerr canning book that belonged to my mother and I cook
away all day. A medium fresh tomato has 10 grams of sodium
naturally so it is not sodium free but it is as close as I
can get. I freeze mine because I don't know if it would jar up without the added salt. Last summer was not a good year
for tomatoes so I have been making it small batch at a time
with store bought Roma tomatoes,peppers,onions and garlic.
I use lots of fresh basil.

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I appreciate all you folks about the spaghetti sauce. My wife has a very bad heart condition along with some other things and sodium almost has to go so please keep posting low sodium recipes. I am so thankful for all the net gives me in cooking.

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