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TerrapotsSeptember 1, 2006

I've been trying to improve our diet and reading labels I'm finding there are very few foods, including healthy breads, not infused with high fructose corn syrup. I find that avoiding this, it takes less calories to feel satisfied and stop cravings. Thus, am looking for info about groups or whatever organizing a boycott, lists of foods w/o this chemical. I try to use as many unprocessed foods as possible but this stuff is everywhere.

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I have no advice, but I want to say I'm right there with you! But, man, is it hard. My favorite bread recently started adding high fructose corn syrup; ditto my tinned tomatoes! I can't believe corn syrup would be in either product.

Good luck and I hope you get lots of posts on this.

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Avoiding corn syrup is really difficult. I too was surprised to find it in stewed tomatoes. I am a pretty careful label reader, but I just never anticipated a problem with that.

It is probably a bit easier for me. I am diabetic and don't have a lot of food choices anyway and can't eat most of the things that have corn syrup in them.

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It would be nice to be able to avoid foods with corn syrup added. I am also not eating anything with hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils now that I know how these oils are made. I really don't need the extra nickel or aluminum in my diet.

This certainly does narrow down my food choices. On the other hand I am thinking of putting in my own garden next year. Good food, fresh air, exercise. Sounding better all the time.


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Have you heard about the book YOU:On A Diet? I have been reading it and he explains so much about how the body processes the foods we eat, it is fascinating. He talks a lot about hfcs and partially hydro. oils and trans fats. He even includes recipes that are free of these and they are pretty tastey. Until I started reading the labels I never imagined how bad some foods really are. My husband and I are definately adding a few more rows to our garden next year. I know what goes into our OWN food.
My question is why are these added to our foods in the first place?

Here is a link that might be useful: YOU: on a diet

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I am totally disgusted at how our foods are manipulated and made into 'non-foods'. I certainly am trying to boycott hfcs plus artificial flavorings, artificial coloring, and preservatives in foods! This came about after doing research for ADHD. At first it seemed hard to find foods without all this non-food stuff, but the more you do it, the easier it gets. If you can grow a garden, then by all means do. I am fortunate of have orange, grapefruit, lemon and apple trees, and grow some veggies. I also bake more and hardly buy any processed foods. One of the side effects (good) of excluding artificial and preservative stuff in foods is that you end up losing weight naturally!

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I love Dr. Oz and I really believe in his philosopy.........and his plan is so easy...He has a very few ...but very important...things you shouldn't eat and the rest of it is great..but those 5 or so things are poison...

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I have been on a special diet for medical reasons, it is for the colon. Because of the diet, members are doing a lot of research into foods. As a result, we eat just do it yourself foods from scratch, make our own yogurt, etc. For years, most of us have known about hidden sugar in processed foods. They used to call it the 2% law: where if there is 2% of an ing. in the entire can or pkg, etc. it does not have to be declared. There always has been sugar in canned tomatoes, thus we had to can our own. There is sugar or sugar syrup in a lot of sandwich meats, also turkey and poultry, etc. Finding pure foods is very hard now. Because of activitists that are on special diets, food labels are getting easier to read and better than before.

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I avoid hfcs, trans fats, and soy. I've gone primarily to whole foods and make all our breads - I even mill the flour. Trans fats has seen a huge improvement in foods, but hfcs and soy are in almost everything that comes in a bag, can, or a box.

There may be some improvement in the hfcs area in the near future. Due to the high corn prices and using it for ethanol production, we may start seeing more sugar added as a sweetener, instead of the once cheap hfcs. I heard Coke Cola was considering shifting to sugar.

I use low-glycemic agave nectar, instead of sugar. I'm getting ready to start making some homemade soda/pop with this sweetener. An occasional treat of homemade Root Beer or Ginger Ale might be worth the trouble.

I don't know if the Weston A. Price Foundation has any "action" against hfcs. If you happen to have a chapter in your area, you might find some support against it there.


Here is a link that might be useful: Weston A. Price Foundation

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