Candles won't burn long, why?

dauxiegalNovember 9, 2011

I don't make candles to sell, nor do I want to. I recently found some wax, fragrances, dyes and additives at the local Goodwill and thought it wouldbe a good idea to make some for Christmas gifts.

I made one the other day and it won't burn for very long. The wick will burn down and fizzle out.

Does anyone know what I can do?


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We need more information. How big are the candles and what type of wicks are they? If they are too small/thin for the size candles you made, they will burn poorly.

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The wax and wicks came from Bitter Creek Candle Supply. The number on the pack of wicks is 44-32-18Z. They are approximately 7 inches long.

I am pouring the wax into soup cans and using those for jars. Like these:

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Go back to the site and read about the wicks. There should be something that says what diameter container that they are meant for. Then, see if your containers are the right size for the wicks.

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