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kmillianFebruary 1, 2011

My daughter's bedroom is extremely small 9x11, I am looking for creative tips to maximize her space! She is too old for a bunk bed...too bad because using the under space for a desk or reading area would have worked.

I saw one idea I though ingenious, building a surround platform - something like a table which the bed slides under during the day. The top of the platform is accessed by steps & can be used for a seating or a desk area.

All ideas will be very much appreciated!


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The bedroom in link below was 13 by 9. I took the picture from the doorway. To my left on the short wall were two dressers. That is a full size bed.

Here is a link that might be useful: Small bedroom

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I meant to add what shows in the picture of that room would have been about 9 by 11.

This is my sewing room guest room now with full size futon opened up and if it were a twin there would be lots of space for a desk or small play space. This room is also 9 by 13. I use it 95% of the time for my sewing room. I have a fold up table that fits against my sewing table/desk.

Pictures of her room would really help to get an idea where the doors and windows are for furniture placement.


Here is a link that might be useful: Another small room

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Yes, I'd like to see the room drawn out with the placement of doors, windows, closets. Hopefully, you'll have one of the 9 foot walls available to place a SINGLE TWIN BED in the middle, and build in shelves and storage around it all the way to the ceiling. This could remove the need for a chest or dresser, which would use a lot of floor space. And there might be room for a small desk/vanity with a comfy adjustable office chair in white leather that could provide some good seating. A few floating shelves situated above shoulder height can give nice display space too. If there is no pets in the house to trash a fuzzy sheepskin rug, then that would be a nice luxurious touch. Maybe a little bit of sheer curtains on the window, and if the bed headboard has to be located in front of the window, then make that sheer also work as a gauzy mosquito net for your princess. I love those skeeter nets. Very romantic.

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On HOUZZ, I found the link below, which has the space above a closet or, in this case, the room entry door to make open cubby storage.

I'm assuming that there is a hallway outside, and that about 12-14 inches of ceiling height is stolen to be used in the rooms on either side of the hallway. I had not thought about that space. Nice if you have a longer hallway, or maybe above the closet totally inside the bedroom.

Here is a link that might be useful: High Up Open Storage

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This is the bed we have in our very small 2nd bedroom. We also designed a wall unit that goes with it. Both from Ikea. Great storage, under the bed and wall unit. The bed is twin, but pulls out to king size. We have a small pedestal table in the corner for computer/homework. Hope this helps.

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Just getting to this post. ML that link you posted is a good one. If you type in storage in the search box on that page it brings up many other good ideas too.

Also the one you posted to brings up a HUGE storage space possibility for our house in hall above the master door. Would be easy to do but would have to have a door. No big deal. Would be perfect for blanket and large light bulky things.

The same for my studio room. Neither would compromise the open feel to the rooms.


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I know you said that she was too old for a bunk bed, but what about a loft bed. Take a look at this one from Pottery Barn's PBTeen website. It has a full sized bed with lots of storage, desk etc.

Here is a link that might be useful: PBTeen

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