LOOKING for: Yeast-Free Bread

TracieSeptember 5, 2001

Hi, all...glad to see I'm not the only one looking for an alternative to yeast breads...I miss toast and peanut butter the most!! If anyone can come up with a recipe for a whole-wheat or rye type of yeast-free bread, please let me know!!

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Why not try an Irish soda bread recipe and substitute whole wheat flour for whatever kind of flour it calls for?

Sourdough bread is OK for me to eat - as long as no yeast has been added after the starter, which does contain yeast. (A lot of bakeries and recipes add yeast after the starter.)

I'm still looking for a yeast-free, dairy-free "regular" bread recipe myself.

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Salt rising bread does NOT contain yeast. I make a version with sulfur dioxide in the starter specifically to kill all yeast. Takes a lot of patience to make, but it is the best tasting white bread, bar none, in my opinion.

Check out Susan Ray Brown's "Salt Rising Bread Project" at

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Go to Celiac.com They have recipes for breads made with gluten free flour that do not require yeast to rise. Some have baking soda, or gums of one type or another.

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I have recently found out that I can only eat yeast-free bread made only with Oat Flour..If anyone knows of a recipe for this bread, preferably a bread machine recipe, please let me know..Thanks :)

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