making candles from old wax?

bertman_gwNovember 14, 2013

I am sure many have done this already. Few questions. Is it okay to mix different waxes? What about dirt and dust etc. Do the candle scraps need to be cleaned beforehand or can you skim off the top while reboiling/reheating or will dirt settle at bottom. Thx

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I just did this for the first time and candles are setting as I'm typing this. I used several old and dusty/dirty looking candles. I didn't worry about cleaning them or anything. The candles I used were all similar though. I'm not sure how different types of candles would work together since this was my first try. When my wax was all melted I did have some debris at the bottom of the pot. I was careful pouring once I got to the last of the wax so that none of the debris ended up in my mold/jar. So far they look fine as they are setting up. Hope this helps.

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