Remelting soy candles

Jade78November 5, 2012

Hi i'm new to soy wax candle making. My candles so far have been burning brilliantly. My only issue is some frosting or the cauliflower effect. I have read frosting is only the natural process of pure soy but I thought I would try to eliminate this. I have tried different pour temps etc and although some come out perfect, others not so. So I thoughy remelt and let set again. I put my container in the oven on a warm temp and they remelted. I left to set and they look stunning. However due to colour, fragrance n wick already in jar, is this wise or a dumb move.. will they burn properly. I'm supposed to be giving these out soon and dont really have time to test and redo... Just wandering if anyone else has fone same without issues.. Thanks

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I have done that before too and didn't have a problem with it. As long as the wax temp isn't going above the maximum melting temp (like around 185) it should be fine.

As far as the candle frost goes, you may want to take into consideration the room temperature. I have found that during the summer when my home is nice and warm (over 70 degrees) my soy candles cool with pretty much no frosting, but during the winter, I have a much harder time if I don't keep the room warm. Also, you might try letting the wax cool to very slushy and then heat it back up again to 150 and then let it cool again to 100 degrees and then pour. I've experimented with this and it has given me beautiful tops!

Here is a link that might be useful: Soy Candle Making Tips and Tricks

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