link to pictures of kitchen

katrina_ellenFebruary 14, 2011

Guess I should have made a new post for pictures, but I posted to my original thread "making a small house feel comfortable". I hope the link works! I'll figure this out yet.

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Here's the link to your pictures :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Link

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Nice looking kitchen. I think you have a lot of beige in there though. It is a beige cabinet color.....that is the color I like best......a good thing too, because the cabs are the hardest feature to change in a kitchen. I wonder if you have thought about painting the walls a soft shade of green?

What is on the other side of the door adjacent to the microwave cart? Is that your exterior door? What is out there, and how much space do you have that might be turned into a mudroom/laundry? And behind those bifold louvered doors that could be a laundry or a pantry? That space could be ramped up, even if you leave the laundry in there (if that is what is there), so that you maximize the storage potential there. The space could be used all the way to the ceiling to great advantage.

But I don't have access to what you stated as your needs for this kitchen space. I'll have to find that before I go much further with ideas.

Like Scott said, take a look at the SMALL SPACE videos online. Small is beautiful.

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moccassinlanding, The door adjacent to the microwave cart is the laundry room, and behind the bifold doors is the water heater and furnace. I am planning on putting a lot of storage in the laundry room, I haven't done anything with that room since I moved in last May. Actually I don't quite know what to do besides a renovation because I don't like the layout I have now. I like the kitchen cabinets OK, but to get the layout I want would involve removing the cooktop and oven which would mean the cabinets would need to be reconfiqured and at that point it would be a remodel. I would just like to have a range instead of the cooktop and wall oven and have the space configured more efficiently to give me a little more counter space, right now I only have about 2 ft. to the side of the sink. Do you have any idea what it would cost to remodel the cabinets? Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it.

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