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gogo3421October 13, 2008


I am a little frustrated as I make M&P soap & I sell it on my small online website. I also sell candles & lotion etc... but I loovvee to make soap. I have not made much sales on my soap because it is not CP & I have been hearing rumors that I don't really make soap & that it is not good for you from other people that have various types of shops online as well. It seems as though it may be affecting sales of my other products. Can you lift my spirits & give me some positive feedback & facts on M&P so I can feel good about what I am selling?


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I am not in business, but I do make MP soaps. Remember, it is a glycerin based soap that is very gentle on the skin. That is among the reasons I like it. Also, I assume your scents come from natural essential oils, which smell authentic because they are authentic.

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I just started making M&P soap and I am getting wonderful results. I found someone who makes their own base - all natural with shea butter and goat milk. So rich and creamy. Make your product as all natural and pure as possible and then rave about its goodness! It is too bad that some of the M&P bases have alcohol and wax fillers. That is part of the problem I think. Good for you for having your own online business!

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Look to your ingredients! Everyone here is right. If your base is alcohol-free, stress that, plus the fact that it is a gentle product. And stick to essential oils, so you can call it a natural product.

Another selling point can be aesthetics. MP soap takes colors better, so you have a better-looking product. This can be especially important in selling the small guest soaps. People care about how they look.

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I do both. To me it is exactly the same thing. The only difference is, MP has the lye cooked out in an oven or crock-pot. CP, the lye is cooked out in the gel. CP needs a bit more time to fully cure. IMO CP does look nicer in a mold.

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Follow-up.... So sorry I made a huge mistake. I was thinking OP and CP my brain was obviously not functioning. I have not tried MP.

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