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tucker303October 19, 2006

Hi...never knew this forum existed!

Anyway...is there a forum here to trade stuff like shea butter and clays?

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Hi Tucker - I have wondered, about that too.
Maybe you should list what you have & what you need. Just to see if anyone's interested. tina_2

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By golly...did not even know someone replied! Thanks Tina.

I wanted to try my hand (so to speak) at making soap but have not had time. I have a smidge less than 3 lbs of shea butter (used a small amount to try making a lotion)....supposed to be refined (still has a slight smell). It expires in May 2007 and figured someone can use it before than. I have no clue why I tend to buy in bulk!

And some Bentonite Clay (about 4 lbs) to trade for beeswax, other butters, oils and clays. What do you use this for and why did I buy it????

Purchased from Wholesales Supplies Plus. Willing to break it up into smaller portions if you want.

I till want to learn to make soap but I guess I need to wait til spring....

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