Massage Candle

oldpdsgt48October 24, 2007

Does anyone have a recipe for a Massage Candle? I've had several requests for these but I am having difficulty finding a good recipe.



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The insurance coverage alone..would prevent me from even trying to sell these.

Moonglow Candle Supply, sells something like this..not sure if they sell the wax, or the finished candle.

You won't find an exact recipe's a carefully guarded secret it seems..

Most contain a fair amount of skin safe oil, over a wax. And one must make sure that the "candles" are made with ONLY skin safe scents and paying particular attention to safe usage rates for skin use as well. Since the "product" stays on the skin, or is absorbed into the skin.

To much risk...In my Opinion....Good luck in your endevour.

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there is a special wax you need to use..

I have been making them in retail and wholesale for a while

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