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Red_ConfettiOctober 18, 2003

Here is another great site that has many, many recipes. This is a long-time soap site, so the recipes are pretty much tried and true. Great resource for supplies and reference materials, too (ingredients, herbs, essential oils, etc.). (This used to be the Luxury Lane site, for those that remember it by that name.)

Here is a link that might be useful: The Original Toiletries Library

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Thanks for the link, although I did not use one of their recipes, one of their recipes helped me to see what I was missing in my body butter. I was adding way to little wax emulsifier and when I saw one of their recipes and the amount of emulsifier they were using I uped mine and the butter is like a totally different butter (better).

I had another show today and it was very good! Yeah!!

My lotion bars seem to be the very hot item at the last 3 show, I have been almost totally selling out and starting with at least 50.

I am also starting to get repeat customers just after 4 shows, that is very nice.

Anybody have a recipe for a body/linen spritzer that does not use alcohol?


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