Do you consider this description as a small house?

crysdonFebruary 4, 2008

Square footage (not counting basement) - 1,138 sq ft. The entire basement completely finished w/bathroom, storage room, laundry room and 14x37 foot req room.

Does the finished basement double the square footage?

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I think it would depend on how the RE agents calculate it there (and probably the assessor). At the top of the page, it says GW is considering a small house to be under 2000 square feet (*snicker*) it'd be close, even with basement, given that requirement.

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Thanks Jason.

I actually consider my current house a medium sized house compared to my last home, which was 1,447 sq ft total with no basement (cape cod, 1 1/2 levels 4 bd, 2 bth).

The new house has more space and the basement is large enough for a party.

I laugh too at the "small house" requirements. Boy, oh boy!

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If it's heated and "finished", it counts towards the total square footage.

Do you consider this description as a small house?:

744 actually heated sq ft
room sizes are actual interior measurements:

no basement, no attic, no "utility" room...
liv rm: 14'6" X 13'6"
kit/din: 14'6" X 12'6"
bed rm: 11'6 X 11'6"
off/sew: 10'10" X 7'2"
bath: 12'8 X 5'0"
closet: 5'0" X 7'2"
8' ceilings at the exterior walls and open to the "roof" throughout except for the bath and closet. Friends are sailboat freaks, many ideas/sources for using/creating/saving space come from them. 744 sq ft is an awful lot of space when it's done right.....

A long drawn out constantly changing affair it is and has been...In theory, we will actually finish and move into it by next fall. I however want to build a new one already, what I started out to build, a round house...

The new house:
Almost free to cool, and what with 12 acres of hardwoods of our own and more at the kids places "next door", heat is free. Near as we can tell, heating the little house is the biggest issue, it extremely well built/insulated and very easy to overheat with little to no effort....Almost zero utility bills, almost a zero tax bill, easy to clean, and since we actually OWN the land the house sits on and no payments of any kind, a pretty good deal....

Editorial time:
Woods, pasture, gardens....Animals, fruits nuts berries and vegetables to eat...You won't be hearing us whining to the politico's about how much food & housing & energy costs and just how terrible it is that we can't get all such things for almost free anymore. We have been doing without (and living quite well doing so too thank you) and taking care of ourselves and paying for everything as we go for quite some time. I have less than zero sympathy for folks worrying about mortgages, car payments, electric bills, loan payments , credit card payments.... those who don't start taking care of their own real life requirements right now, deserve what they get in the future..... When the economic results of people voting for stupid people making unrealistic promises and sacrificing their nations children's future for their "place" in history, become fully realized, IOW = when the stuff hits the fan, and it will be soon, it will be too late for those lacking in foresight and preparation....


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Your house is the same sq ft as mine. But no basement here. As mentioned, basements are up for grabs depending upon the state lived in. Some included if finished, some included even if not. Basements here are shown as separate sq footage regardless, listings are shown with the primary living space. My last home was listed at 1800 sq ft, basement was 1000 and not part of the total. If I did a search for a home with 1100 sp ft, it would not include the basement. I'd have to select a basement option. Which asks the question as to how they base taxes on houses with basements finished/unfinished.

1800 sq ft now sounds huge to me. I miss that at times, but sure nice not to be cleaning extra baths and large rooms. Odd how 700 sq ft really is a huge amount of great space for os much more options and room.

So, to answer you, I'd consider your house small. Although if I had a finished basement would call my house big (2200)in the scheme of things. Have a wonderful log cabin in back, wish it was attached to the house...then I'd have a "big" house.

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