Pocket door, but not enough wall...

questionerFebruary 28, 2008

There are a couple places in our house where a pocket door would be great, but there's not quite enough wall space for the pocket. I was thinking if the door could be vertically slatted, perhaps it could bend around a corner? I've seen it done in cabinetry, but can't find anything for wall doors. Has anyone ever done/seen this? Will we have to re-invent the wheel?

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I think you'd have to be very skilled and very knowledgable to do that one, plus it would likely interfere with in-wall structures like studs, electrics, etc. Not a job for a DIY person for sure. BUT, what about (depending on your entryway) 2 'half' doors coming from either side and meeting in the middle?

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That may be a possibility. But, i should also mention that these would be on non-load bearing walls and we are building new, so have the ability to duct and wire around these doors.

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It's just that I foresee huge problems down the road... the doors you're thinking about are NOT the nice easily rollable ones on a breadbox, or even an old roll top desk. If you run into sticking problems for instance at some point, will you have to take down the walls to fix them?

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I've had a pocket door that's been stuck for over a decade! (It's straight). Hubby says the wall would have to come down for him to fix the tract so I can see that never happening. It is a wall that seperates different sections of our master bath. I'd say give up the dream and go for practicality.

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yes, it was just an idea i thought i'd throw out. but i'm quite agreed, it's not practical, really, and we made room for regular doors, so it's not much of an issue anymore, thank goodness.

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