pomace vs non-pomace olive oil

blazinloOctober 13, 2006

Trying to find out if I can use pomace olive oil for soap making. I've read two different aspects.

1 -- USE pomace olive oil as it's lower saponification factor means more oil for the skin

2 -- DONT USE pomace olive oil as it's lower saponification factor means it will not neutralize all of the lye (sodium hydroxide).

Pomace is way cheaper, but I'm afraid to use.

Can anyone clear this up for me? And IF I CAN use pomace, do I need to use a diff amount than my regular Non-pomace olive oil?

Currently I use 12 oz Lye, 26 oz water, 16 oz each of palm and coconut, 55 oz of Olive. If I have to change the amt of olive oil, can you use the above to tell me what the amount of pomace olive oil is that I should use?

thx much.

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You can use any type of olive oil you like.

I have made thousands of bars using Pomace Olive oil. I have bought 24 cans of 3 liter containers at a time. It supponifies the same as other olive oils. It is the cheapest olive oil, less the great scent and taste of more costly olive oils.


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Thx for the info Ronniner.. I'll give it a shot.

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Just make sure to closely check the ingredients. I just bought quite a bit of pomace, and it turned out to be "a healthy mix of vegetable and olive oils". I was frusterated, if I wanted soy oil I would have paid less.

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