RE: Need a lotion recipe that absorbs quickly.....

tina_2October 11, 2006

Hi all. I really need a lotion recipe, that absorbs quickly & the ingredients are easy to find. I want to make this, for my daughter. She likes lotion that absorbs quickly & is not oily. Does anyone have a recipe to share? Thank you, so much. tina_2

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I'm looking foe the same recipe. did you get a response and will you share it with me?

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Hi Sonshin - I have never gotten a response to this question. I am still hoping to find a mentor, for my soap adventures. I will let you know, if I come up with anything on my own. I am a newby, so chances are slim.
Goodluck & keep making soap, there's nothing wrong with trial & error in your own kitchen! tina_2

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