Help with wicks

paintgirl2008October 9, 2008

I am new to candle making and I love it! When I ordered my first supplies I didn't read all the information on the site, and I bought the wrong size wick (too small). My question is:

Can I double wick my candles with these? I am making 6 and 8 ounce soy container candles-the tops are 3 and 33/4 inches. With the wick I have, they tunnel straight down, still smell good but waste a lot of wax. Also can I re-melt these and pour another candle from it? Thanks for all help-I really like this forum.

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I have never really tried that, but why not try it once? I do double wick wide containers with good results. I don't know about remelting the wax, but half the fun of a hobby like this is experimenting. Try it and let us know.

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Yes, you can remelt and repour. Soy wax is very forgiving.
What size of wick did you get? You can double wick your candle but remember, if you are using a glass jar, don't get the wick too close to the jar. If the flame is constantly resting near the side it could get the glass too hot and break it. My suggestion is, get the right size wick for the container. All in all you get a better result.

Hope this helps

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Thank you every one for all the help! It is wonderful for someone new to candle making to be able to ask questions and get good answers. I did remelt and repour the candles with the wrong wicks, and they turned out really good.I went to Candle Science(Which is closest to me) and looked at their wick guide
and got wicks that matched the diameter of my jar. My family is taking all the candles i make right and they love them! This is really an addictive hobby and I love it!!!! Blessings on all!!

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I am so pleased that you are getting good results. Candle Science is a great company. They are so helpful. And I agree about how addictive the hobby is. It's fun, easy and allows you to make wonderful gifts.

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Wicks are important. They only feed a certain amount of liquid wax to the flame. Many candle makers don't pay enough attention to this. Have you ever been annoyed by a candle only drilling a hole into the candle? I think this stinks personally. Do your research well and your candles will give your customers a lot of pleasure and they will come back and buy more. That's what we want, right? :)

Here is a link that might be useful: My Handmade Candles

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Here's a trick I learned from a commercial candle maker-- use a metal/glass/enamel baking pan (at least 2" sides-- NOT FOIL) & set a variety of different sized wicks a little farther apart than the width of your candle. Then pour 1-2" inches of fragranced wax into the pan. Light all wicks at once & watch the melt pools. You'll know soon enough which wicks work best with which fragrances/wax with little waste & still have a candle to burn while you're experimenting.

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