Hometown festival was a flop

sristonOctober 5, 2003

Our hometown festival this year, our annual Riverboat Days, was a flop, too. Always before it has been terrific- lots of people, lots of entertainment and vendors, etc. This year there wasn't anything in the way of entertainment, and the vendors were slim. We lost money on this- only took in about $50 but by the time you count the $20 booth fee and our food expenses and other misc. stuff, we came out on the losing end. It was our first show, and if everyone else there hadn't done so badly (we actually did better than some others) I would have been ready to give up the whole thing. However, I have several other festivals and events coming up, and I sure hope they do better. I won't be doing Riverboat Days again. On the other hand, the city wide yard sale associated with Riverboat Days did real well. I think I would have been better off to participate in that (not to mention it would have been much handier, being at home), and it was free. Next year that is what I will do- the heck with being downtown all day for two days in a row doing NOTHING.


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Nothing worse than a disappointing show. There is some comfort in knowing that you weren't the only one doing poorly (which means it's not your booth or your crafts, but customers not buying).

Hope your next shows make up for it!!! Laura

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Been there done that...Ive given up... I too spent more than I made ...very disappointing!

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