looking for: urgent need for liquid diet recipes

KathySeptember 22, 2001


My 17 year old son just had jaw surgery and his teeth will be banded shut for 3 to 6 weeks. The Doc gave us a "cookbook" with some recipes in it. None of them appeal to my son......they sound gross to me as well. Anybody out there can help us???? Any recipes would be appreciated!

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Ya, blender:
get some protein powder from a health food store or excercise food store
READ the label. You can make delicious SMOOTHIES with 'product' recommended serving of protein powder, any fruit of choice, milk and BLEND, yogurt too.
You can even use peanut butter to throw in.
Tell you doctor you want a dietitician - immediately. They can help with balanced meals.
Can even try talking to a pharmacist for recommended supplements to put in these things.

SMOOTHIES are great - yogurt and fruit and water
Mashed potatoes and chili whipped into a drink with beef broth to thin out...
Try those lovely canned stews and blend them, chunky soups and add MASHED potatoe to them for the starch content.

Let me know if any of this helps.
Dessert can be ANY PUDDING MIX, thinned out a little with milk...
Green vegetables? Try another dinner shake with a creamy cheese sauce thinned with a little milk (recommend carnations canned 2 percent).

Think about when you were a kid...I loved hamburger, mashed potatoe, peas and ketchup. I would smash it all together on my plate before eating it.

If he is turned off by the LOOK, get some of those plastic cups with the straws that are solid colour so you can only taste and not see. The mind is funny sometimes.

I hope this helps. Strongly suggest a dietician, need protein with his meals.

Oh yeah, banana and peanut butter shakes are good to...

chocolate and raspberries/strawberries (fresh/frozen)

Let me know how it goes,

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Also, check the thread: Looking For: Liquid diet for cancer patient....excellent ideas there.

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