LOOKING for: no-malt , no potatoe, no corn food recipes

little_puddleSeptember 2, 2002

i just found out that i'm allergic to all these food and their products. i'm totally at lost as i've always been a food junkie and all asudden i've nothing to eat. Please help.

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I have a corn allergy. It is real tuff finding anything to eat. But, not impossible. You will have to cook everything using NO packaged foods. Corn is processed in almost everything. You will also need to make your own bread, as you will find corn is in most breads. Sometimes, I cheat!!

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I too found out recently I'm allergic to potatoe and corn. For potatoe, you can substitute for sweet potatoe. They're not in the same family. I personally think they're gross, but alas.

As for corn, it's all about making your own stuff. Instead of corn starch, you can use tapioca powder or arrowroot powder for all the same purposes.

I don't know if you have "maple grove farms" as a producer, but they make honey dijon salad dressing that should be corn free. Also, ELCO brand rice crackers don't have corn.

I don't have any specific recipes, but if you make your own sauces for things, you can usually get around it a bit..

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I'm very intrigued... I've been hearing more about these foods that cause bloating/tiredness, etc: flour, potatoes, eggs, peanuts, milk, (??), others... due to food sensitivities that many people have and don't realize!

I have several health issues which drain energy themselves, besides having a high-energy toddler, babysitting a high-maintenance preschooler with Down syndrome, and don't forget my dh who appreciates a clean house and good meals, especially since I don't "work"! I NEED ENERGY! I'm very curious - wonder if cutting out some of those foods, which I LOVE and practically LIVE on, would help me. I feel so tired all the time, permanently bloated, and can't lose weight.
I know people with allergies like yours can have life-threatening symptoms, and I'm not asking to compare my dinky tiredness! But do you know what I'm saying? What do you think? : ) Holly

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Dear holly
there are many ways to test for allergies and you can easily go to your local hospital to requet for one. the usual test is a simple scratch test (about 1/2 hr) but if you want a more thorough tesr i would recomamd the injection type. it is more expensive and time comsuming but is definately worth the money - i found out my allergies that way.

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I am on a special diet for the colon. No starch or grains allowed, which would be in your special needs. Recipes, a lot, on www.scdiet.org and on www.scdiet.com Also you can type in specified carbohydrate diet in your search window and come up with several links. BTW, I have lost 25 lb. just by removing grain and starch from my diet. I have tried for 30 yr. even with a dr. help,and every diet there is, with no weight loss. I went on this diet for the colon, and the weight just went down, then it stablalized.

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Don't worry about the hype or the semi-science, but the link below can get you to several no grain/ no starch/ no corn/ no processed food recipes. I've been doing a paleo diet (see link) for ~ 3years and other than rarely eating out, nothing much has changed (well I have lost 60lbs and lowered my BP and cholesterol, but that has nothing to do with allergies). Hope the link helps.

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