Patchwork curtain, assembling???

Claire_WOctober 13, 2012

Hi Sewing people!

I have 72 10" squares of Moda fabric and I'm going to make a pair of curtains, each to be 6 squares by 6 squares.

I have the squares arranged with the grain going fom top to bottom, but I've not started sewing them together yet, because of this question:

If I piece the squares in strips of 6 and then join the strips together (the simplest way to work this, I think) should I have the strips going vertically or horizontally?

I can't decide which way would hang better, and any advice would be much appreciated!

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If there is no preference for pattern go with the stablest part of the square going verticle. The length is going to carry the weight. Stretch Pull gently on your squares and see which side has the most stretch. The most stretch goes across and the least stretch goes down.
I think your way of sewing them is the way I'd do it. I hope you are going to line the curtains so the seams can't be seen.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Yes the weight of the fabric will be down so you want the squares strongest in that direction. Sew the squares together horizontally and then do the vertical seams in one long run so the strength of the single line of stitching will be strongest.

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