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twinsrusFebruary 1, 2007

Can I see the slipcovers on your furniture. I backed out on ordering from thesofacollection. I requested sample colors and now I would love to see your slipcovers. Now I'm more confused than ever.

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Twins, I just looked at your photos in the decorating forum? Is that the couch you are going to use the slipcovers for? Let me know as the back of that one is too high for a fit. If you look at the SofaCollection, the back is the height of the pillows. Other than that all would fit as they come with 6 welted cushion covers. I'm still amazed at the quality, they are like custom made with great detail and velcro inside to keep them in place. But they fit so well that there isn't any shifting.

I have an extra cover in red that you had ordered. It is a wonderful color, but not sure if a pic will show you actual shade by posting a pic. It is also still in the box, I bought 3 different covers because the price was so good.

Can you post a pic of the couch you are using these for? Also, even if you bought and didn't fit they have an open return policy and shipping isn't more than 10.

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That is the couch I was going to cover. I backed out on ordering because I just wasn't sure I wanted all red room. Now I'm thinking about just doing the printed large chair in red. I'm the most indesisive person. I was wanting to see what the slipcovers looked like on a real couch not just in their pictures. I desperately need to find a rug, that might help my situation. I'm still in love with the parker one from PB. But will that rug looke good with a red chair and then what pillows should I get. It's a vicious cycle in my head. I need help. Everytime I'm set on one thing I get on this board and love everyone elses ideas I get so confussed. I wish I had what Squirrelheaven uses so I could see so many different options and then I could move forward. My next project is my twin boys room, they may be teenagers at the pace I go.

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It is good you didn't get the slipcovers. The back won't fit your couch. I actually like the brown couch and the print chair.

Since you don't have a graphics program...why not print out things you find and cut/paste. Right click on your mouse and you can print or save...in most cases. You could cut directly from catalogs too. Print a bunch of pics of your room...and go play with sissors/glue. It would be close to seeing if things work.

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