backsplash question: mix or not?

chesters_house_gwMay 30, 2013

I need to finalize a tile order and I can't seem to make up my mind. A while back, I scored 5 1/2 boxes of Winchester tile (crackle glaze) on Craiglist. It's almost but not quite enough to do the backsplash. What I have is this (porcelain shade):

So do I carry on with this or blend in a box of this (linen):

I'm doing pretty dark oak cabinets - recognizably darker than the woodwork, since trying to match would always be a smidge off. Walls will be a pale yellow, drawing from the base of these lights. The color is lighter, more buttery, in real life.

Probably, but still not 100% committed to milk glass and porcelain pulls.

I'd appreciate some help! The backsplash runs behind the sink and around a wall until it dies into a window.

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Are you doing a focal point behind the range? I would mix them in there.
If not, I could see using them as a border tile with the same color pencil tile, then use the lighter but install in a diamond rather than straight square. What is your counter? It needs to blend with the darker color for this to work.
Did you research all possibilities for getting extra tiles?
Also, it would be even more helpful if you posted your kitchen.

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robo (z6a)

Looks super classic! Love your tiles and absolutely adore your lights. I would personally do the one color as you will be more flexible with other finishes later on rather than having the tile be a bit bossy and driving your other finishes.

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Wish I could post a picture of the kitchen -- demo is a few weeks away. But I'm hoping to get the tile lined up for the contractor since it's a special order. And I'll be in and out of town while the work is going on.
The counter will be maple. The kitchen has a lot of light -- 6 windows, glass door, light from all directions -- but some contrast seemed like a good idea.
The plan for behind the stove is stainless. The range will be on the other side of the window from where the tile ends.
The diamond idea is good -- a random mix might look more like, "hey, we ran out of tile, but look what we found!"
My concern about all porcelain is that section seeming stark and a bit disconnected in what already is a room chopped up with all the windows.

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Funny you should say -- it's the lights that have been driving decisions! They were an ebay item, apparently out of convent in Michigan built in the 1910s. Rewrired now and good as new!

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Given your description of the stainless behind range and being chopped up by windows, I would suggest doing all the tile in one color. The backsplash already sounds like a busy place to me. I'd keep the tile simple so as not to make the eye moving around more than it already will. One color tile will help to unify those areas.

Very pretty colors and gorgeous tile!

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