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tina_2October 31, 2006

Hi all -

I will be doing, my very first craft fair in Nov. I am looking for the little potpourri simmer pots, that plug in ( to have some of my fragrance) ''wafting'' in the air. Hope to draw people to my table. Also, need advice on setting up my craft table. I will have a beautiful floral table skirt w/ coordinating table cover ( table is 8- foot long).I will be selling body butter, lip gloss, scented & unscented soap, skin conditioner, body glitter,body wash, bath sachets & room fresheners. So far- I will have small shelves set up on the table, to bring products up to eye level (was told that would help). Soaps will be in rustic baskets. Small potted herbs will be put out, as some products are made with herbs. A tray of samples, with qtips for trying out products. Gift bags full of products, ready

for xmas. So, what else do I need? Tell me what you think.

Oh, since there will be no refreshments at this all day event.I will be offering sodas & ''homemade'' chocolate chip cookies. I would really, appreciate any advice.

Thank you all. tina_2

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

Wow Tina,

It sounds like you have a wonderful selection of things, and have really given it all a lot of thought.

I think I would definately stop by your table even without being lured in by a heavenly fragrance.

With your nice assortment of products, You should be a real hit.

You did not address this, but one suggestion I'd like to make, is to be sure and have your pricing very visible, if it isn't on each item.

I hate it when the prices aren't clear, and then find that something I was kind of interested in is really expensive.
I imagine you have that covered.

Snacks nice....homemade cc cookies...YUM!

Be sure and report back to us about how it goes. Good luck!


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Hi chemocurl - Thank you, for the vote of confidence. You, make me very happy! Oh, yes I am printing good sized prices on my stuff. I have made sev. lists of how to's. I thought, I would have small (like note cards) printed with what type of ingredients go into my products. And since, I have an 8-ft. table, I am going to set up everything & see just how it will look. I don't want to leave, anything to chance. I have been, to a few craft fairs. I have noticed, sometimes the craft tables look a mess. Like there was no planning, at all. I want to look established & like I have been around for years. Plus, they say - if your product is well put together & you know what you are doing - people can tell. They also, feel comfortable. I want everyone, to be as comfortable with bathing their children with my soaps - as I am with my grandsons.
My family & friends & neighbors - all use my skin care products, on a daily basis. As, I do also. And, I would never give/ sell a product I didn't feel comfortable with. So, I will be sure to post pics. ( if I can figure out how). Also, a detailed description of my table. I am, technically challenged on my computer. Got any tips on that? E-me. Anyway, please let me know - if you can think of anything else. I am, kind of nervous.
Thank you, so much. tina_2

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I'd not do soda's but bottles of water.
I found wearing an apron with pockets was a huge help for tucking away money real quick or making change.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana


I am going to email you. If you do not get it please email me. Get the addy from the form here at GW and don't email me via GW...Lots of emails are going into cyberspace.

I cannot email you (non GW) because on your profile you have not checked the box Allow members to see email address or something like that.

If I can show pics, so can you!


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

When is your show? I wanna see pics!

I got your email, but you never said if you had a Photobucket account set up or not. That is what I use, and can help you with pics.


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

How did it go?

Were you a great hit?

Details please.


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Hi Sue & Terri - I never made it to the craft show. You won't believe it, but my hot water heater burst. It happened 2- days before the craft show! I was so mad. Well, we cleaned up all the water & mess. My hwh, is in my kitchen. You can imagine how that was. We looked around for a new hot water heater,that was affordable. Prices vary. That took a couple of days, then I could not find a plumber to come out to install it. In the meantime, we had to heat water on the stove for every need. I did finally get the hwh installed, only to have it spring a big leak. Waited again for the plumber. It turned out, some of our pipes needed replacing. We have an ancient house. Wow, was it ever expensive. We finally got the thing straightened out. I am so exhausted, from worrying with this mess. Anyway, I hope, pray, keep my fingers crossed, that maybe I can make it to an ''affordable craft show'' sometime after the first.
The hot water heater dilema, set us back about $ 1,000.
So, I am going to keep my original plan. Set up a table
with all of my stuff , at home & check it out w/friends.
So, that when the craft show time is near , I will be ready. My daughter & a close friend offered to come snap pics. from the show. I will have to do the photobucket thing that you mentioned. Meanwhile, I am still looking for a fast drying lotion/bodybutter recipe, if you hear of one.
Thanks for giving me a boost of confidence. It really had an effect on me. I am so ready for the next show!

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Gosh Tina, what a mess. I'm sorry that your house decided to rebel!

Check your local paper. Schools and small organizations usually have tables or space for around $25 here.
Also your Chamber of Commerce might keep a list of what bazaars or craft shows still are looking for vendors.

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