Could use some help with small guest/study layout

jojogirl11February 5, 2011

I have so enjoyed perusing this forum. So many creative people here!

I have a layout challenge in a small, but mostly just awkward room. This room needs to be welcoming to guests, yet serve as a study/library as well. It is 9'8" x 16' 9".

Our guests most always come in pairs, so the bed arrangement needs to be at least a queen size. I'm thinking a multi-use bed will be best - daybed/trundle, or sofabed, or maybe even one of those convertible sofabeds from CB2.

The windows are floor to ceiling, so furniture placement is very tricky. :-(

If you have any suggestions, I would be thankful to hear from you!

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This may not work, since you need to sleep at least two...but I just found it this morning and saved it to my picture file. It's so pretty, I thought it might at least give you a few ideas :)

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JoJo - we are doing nearly the exact picture that Lavender Lass put up. Even though most guests will come in pairs, one can have the bed and one can have the trundle. I am mkaing sure we use a ex long twin bed so my father in law will have room LOL. I think it is the best use of space and then on either side of the alcove bed, I will have small closets - one for hanging for guests and one for shelving for storage for me. It seems perfect!! Good luck!

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I love that photo, lavendar_lass!

JoJo, have you considered a murphy bookcase bed? (The link is just because it had the animation showing how it works. You can get them at many different price points from many different suppliers, and DIY or not.)

Here is a link that might be useful: library bed

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Forgot to say that I have a similar setup to yours (big sliding doors on one wall), but we don't have overnight guests that often so I use the second bedroom as my office and we have a raised queen aerobed for when we need it.

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One little thing I have noticed with guests, or our guests is they never use the closet even when offered. I put a hanging hook thing on the wall and they do tend to use that. This house does not even have a closet in the guest room at my request. So there is not even an option for it. So ladies and gents use up your guest closet space for yourself.

Also closets do make nice office space if laid out right.

We have a futon for guests and it is full size. Mostly we only have one person come but there is just barely room to pull it away from the wall to be accessible from both sides. I do NOT have the head board end against a wall and it is just fine that way and leaves me room to have furniture on that wall even when bed is opened up.

I have shown this picture many times.

Here is a link that might be useful: Guest room

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My guest room is 10x10 and if I had it to do now, I'd put in a Murphy bed with a good mattress. We have a trundle and with both of them pulled out, there is just enough room for a small nightstand either between them or on one side. You at least have some room at one end for somewhere to open luggage.

The trundles work well for singles, and so far, we have had quite a few friends of my daughters who stay over a night or two, but it won't work well for couples, or really anyone who stays long because there is just no room to set anything down and not trip over it.

I've seen Murphy beds with a built-in desk and I have wondered how easy it is to fold-up/put-up between uses.

We owned a convertible sofa bed when we first married, and had to sleep on it a couple of times. It was the most uncomfortable bed ever made. That fold, or crease, down the middle was a killer. I don't know about the CB2 ones but I'd have to lay on it with another person before I bought one.

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if you use a pair of chair-and-a-half sleepers , you don't have to rearrange the room to accommodate occasional guests ... these chairs are extremely comfortable for everyday , as well ...

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Loving this Summerfield. Really perfect solution.

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Lavender Lass, I LOVE that built-in bed. I always dreamed of sleeping in a nook like that, as a kid! I wish it would work in this room, but the narrow width, and closet position is very limiting. I'm keeping that photo in my inspiration folder. Thanks!

Colleennc, I agree, it's okay that the bed doesn't make into a level king. Those that stay the longest with us, no longer sleep well in the same bed. In fact, it's better if they're as far away from each other as possible. :-) Ah, snoring. I like your idea of using part of the closet storage for guests and part for storage.

Writersblock, I have considered a murphy bed, but due to budget constraints, and fear of mechanism failure (and our four rowdy children), I decided against it. I agree, though, it would be the absolute best use of space in here.

Shades of Idaho...I think you're right about the closet. Our guests use the hanging space, but just a few hangers, and could probably just hang that amount on a hook over the back of a door. Great idea! That closet is currently outfitted with tons of shelving, and we have most of our library of books in there right now. Lovely guest room you have!

Marti8a, it is true, that a trundle pulled out beside the bed makes the room impractical. There's no room for nightstands, and it's hard for the one on the daybed to get out, with the trundle right there. I'm a little afraid of murphy beds, but maybe the two chairs, as in Summerfield's drawing, would eliminate the daybed/trundle problem!

Wow Summerfield! I am so excited about your drawing! It's perfect!!! Are there brands that you recommend for sleeper chairs? I have a Drexel Heritage Sleeper chair, the Natalie, with the air dream mattress. I honestly, don't like blow-up mattresses at all, so would want to buy a foam-type.

Does anyone here have experience with American Leather, or American Upholstery sleeper pieces?

I think this is the desk I want for the room! Gonna have to start saving!

Thanks everyone! I am getting excited about this room. It has been vexing me since we moved in over a year ago.

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>I think this is the desk I want for the room! Gonna have to start saving!

Maybe not, unless only that particular desk will do. I just love what allison0704 did with a standard cheap computer cart in this thread. (Scroll down, it's about 2/3 of the way down the page.

If you could find one with a file drawer...

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I love Summerfield's design for sure. And I also like the idea of the Murphy bed on the far wall, the only wall without any interruption by door or window.

I think you'd have room for a single chair/half by the doorway, as shown, and then a built in Murphy bed at the far wall. The mechanism for raising or lowering is so good that it can be done with one finger. There would be no uncomfortable mattress on the murphy bed, and it would accommodate a couple. For singles, the chair/half would be fine.

What I like about the Murphy bed, it can have shelving all around the bed pulldown, and a desktop that folds out of the way when the bed is folded down. I like the thought of the club chairs on wheels that would easily be rolled out of the way, yet comfy to sit in.

We seldom have sleepover guests, so our second bedroom is turning into our study, with room for an air bed. If I get a queen size, the sheets I already own will work in our master and in the guest room. We also have the option of the daybed style sofa in the living room acting as guest sleeping. It will be private enough once I remount the pair of french doors to close it off from view.

Just curious, but what sort of view do you get out those lovely big windows?

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