Just how hard (or not) are Roman Shades to make,,should I try?

piper101October 27, 2008

Hi, I just got new windows and want privacy at night but want to see out of my gorgeous windows unobstructed during the day and thought roman shades would be good since my old blinds are not worth rehanging. I'm sure they would cost a fortune to have them made. I have a really nice sewing machine and have no trouble with following patterns for the most part. The valances I have are a toile (cream grnd and lt green scenery) so I thought these shades could fill the bill, but I'm a bit nervous about attempting this. For those who have made them, what do you think about making them myself? It is so frustrating that you regret it or were they easy enough that you said "I can't believe they charge XYZ $ to make these?"

Let me know. Thanks for you advice.

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Depends on the size and if you have a big enough area to work on them.There are very good instructions for them in one of the Singer Sewing for the Home books,which is probably available at your library.

So i say if you have the room,know how to sew and follow directions,then you should be able to do it.Remeber,Measure twice,cut once!!!
Good luck

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I second Kathi's advice. I've made roman shades from the Sewing for the Home directions and it was easy, the hardest part was screwing the bracket into the window to mount the shade. For my sewing room I used a cream and pale brown ticking with a darker brown and blue toile valance and it looks great.
Has anyone made the insulated roman shade? I have a drafty bay in the LR that I would like to make insulated romans for but I haven't been able to find the liner material.

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I have Roman shades in 2 bedrooms (small ones - about 30" wide) and 2 in my living room that are 4 feet wide each. They aren't hard to make - hey, they're just rectangles! They are a pain to clean, though...at least mine are. They are stapled to the mounting board so I have to take them apart to wash them. I did have some difficulty finding the Roman shade tape, but if you can't find it at a store locally I'm sure you can order it online.


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I believe the evil retail giant has roman shade tape. Just don't ask me how I know. ;-)

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This site makes them look pretty simple, although I have not attempted one.

Here is a link that might be useful: roman shades

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Thank you everyone!! If I can find the fabric that will go with toile valances I already have I'm going to try and do this myself. Even matchstick shades when you get them to your size would cost more and I think with my cottage look, it will turn out good. I'll just have to take a few deep breathes I'm sure.... Thank you again for the tips and websites to help. :)

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Hi piper,
If you do make them, please let us know how it went. I would love to hear how difficult it was and how they turned out. And please post pics. I am considering doing the same thing for my 5 living room windows, especially after I have priced them at the store. Thank you.


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I have had the materials to make these for months and have been putting it off because it just seemed so daunting. I'm glad I saw this post!

I wondered, though, if the ones without dowels were easier? Do they lay as nicely as the ones with dowels? part of my hesitation was seeing that there are several ways to make them and I wasn't sure which one was easiest.

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I've made both kinds. On mine the dowel just slips into a pocket in the tape...it was no trouble at all. The ones I have w/o dowels tend to bunch up on the ends and I have to pull the folds out straight.


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Great advice here.
The price can be staggering to purchase these.
I just finished up 3 for my son's room.
I found fabric on sale, used lining that darkened the room. And they are great. You do need room to sew, as all that fabric can get in you way. Good luck and have fun.

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