Master bathroom remodel

krayersFebruary 13, 2012

Am so excited. Met last Friday with the contractor about my master bathroom remodel. Will be ripping out the existing shower & tub & replacing with a 48" tiled shower & a freestanding cast iron tub. Before they can start, I must order my tub and am torn between a clawfoot or a pedistal base tub. My setup will be similar to these photos. What are your thoughts?

We will have shelving at the end similar to this photo.

The tiled shower will be on the same wall as the tub, with a wall separating the tub space from the 48" shower.

Any thoughts?

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You can't go wrong with either.

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I would probably do pedestal...just because I hate finding dustbunnies under things--vanities with feet, bathtubs with feet, shoe bins with feet... Maybe that is just my house. :)

On the otherhand, if your pedestal will be so close to the wall that getting back there to clean will be difficult and you will accumulate dust bunnies, maybe it would be easier to have it open all the way under.

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Kirkhall - I had exactly the same thoughts as you. I had decided to do the pedestal & then it occurred to me that I might not be able to get behind the base for cleaning. I've not been able to find anyone who has actually had one to find out how it worked out for them.

I think I like the look of the pedestal a little better, but am still concerned about the cleaning issues.

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Kirkhall beat me to it. I would hate cleaning under the footed tub.

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I think, if you have the room, you can install it a little bit away from the wall, and stick your vacuum wand down there every now and then. I think that is easier (pedestal) than trying to do all the floor area under a claw foot tub.
And, if you like the look better, so for it.

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I vote for the claw foot tub...definitely. Beautiful, elegant and much easier to clean, under and around. With the new swiffer type cleaning tools, it should be fairly easy to clean and the claw foot tub my grandmother had was tall enough, you could easily clean under it.

My advice would be, don't put it too close to the window, so you can clean and touch up paint, when necessary. Congrats on getting the new tub! :)

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I've had my clawfoot slipper tub for over a year, and have had no problems with cleaning under it. I have the tub about 8 inches or so from the wall behind it, and at least that much extra space at either end. It is my total joy!

I thought about it before choosing the footed tub. I did not expect to have that much spare room, and I wanted the "breathing" room to be added to the bathroom for more spacious feeling. I like it so much that I am going to do the same look in my kitchen redo, with the range open beneath, and all the cabinets on legs too. The floor will then go all the way to the wall. I really hate the look of toe kick spaces, my worst cleaning nightmare. And with my big feet, I'm always banging my toes against something. So having things high enough to get the vacuum wand beneath is a great help.

Incidentally, with the tub plumbing, mine is rim mounted and is outside the tub with cutoff valves really pretty to see. You can get a tub with NO HOLES IN THE RIM, and order your faucet set to be mounted on/through the wall if you like (if it is really close to the front end of the tub), you can get a SOAKER TUB, which is deep and which is what I chose. There is more to buying a tub than picking the tub itself.

But I love the two pictures you put up for inspiration. I guarantee the clawfoot tub will inspire you to luxuriate in a bubble bath several times a week at LEAST.

Which ever tub you choose to buy, make sure it has a self cleaning coating, so you NEVER HAVE A RING AROUND THE TUB. Honest. I've never had to scrub the tub, even when I've worked in the garden all day and am D-I-R-T-Y!

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Thanks for all the thoughts. Lavender & Moccasin, one of my problems is that my space is not very large & I can't spare too much room between the tub and the wall. That's also one big reason I'm choosing the freestanding tub. I do think it will make my room seem much less crowded. We will be using a deck mount faucet on the window side of the tub, and the tub I'm looking at is a soaker tub. I'm restricted to a 60" tub for the space I have, but think it will fit nicely.

Moccasin, I've admired your photo of your tub. It looks great! Lavender I've also saved your inspiration photo of one you were considering.

So far my poll on clawfoot vs pedestal is about 50/50 for all thosed I've polled. May have to flip a coin! I love them both.

Thanks, to all.

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Well, if you flip a coin, and wish it had gone the other way, you'll know what you really wanted.

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Good point Marti!

Have had a kink in my plans. Seems that in order to have my tub with the water supply on the side as in my inspiration pics, I have to move the tub 6 to 8 inches away from the wall which is really more space than I need to give up. If I do that, will have to rip out the vanity & rebuild it smaller rather than just upgrading doors & drawer fronts. The other option is to go with a tub that has the water supply on the end - more like Moccasin's. Think that will work, but will give me much less leg room to stretch out even though the tubs are the same total length. I think the flat area on the bottom would go from 44" to 36". Moccasin is your tub a 60"? If so can you stretch your legs out??

This is turning out to be much more complicated than I need it to be!

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Argh. Don't you hate it when something doesn't work out just the way you want?

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I know that when we were trying to save space in our kitchen remodel, our contractor saved a couple of inches by making the new wall out of metal studs instead of wood ones. Ask your contractor if doing that can give you a couple of inches with the wall between the shower and the tub.

Your remodel sounds very nice. I would love to have that set-up!

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If you want to make your 60 inch tub look bigger and be more accessible, I think you might consider a totally wall mounted faucet set. Look at the sort which makes a waterfall. If you also will have a shower wand, get a really flexible hose for it, quality kind so it lays flat. You can also get a little clam shell cover for the overflow, which lets you get another inch of water in the tub, which can still exit via the clamshell when it overflows there. I want to add one to my tub, because when I lower myself into the nice deep bubblebath, some of the water goes out the overflow. Instead of making a standup shower, I stayed with a handheld shower wand as part of my faucet set....British telephone style faucet set...and I still love it. It does not splash outside the tub, because there is a direct lever for water pressure when you divert to the shower wand.

I've seen the wall mounted waterfall looking faucets, and they are elegant. When you focus on that, you don't realize the tub is not a six footer. Fool the eye. And please yourself at the same time.

If you come away with a bathroom that looks like either one of your first inspirations, you'll have a winner that delights you for years to come.

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The contractor is coming at 7:30 in the morning to begin ripping out the bathroom!! Am very excited and nervous too. I'm afraid that my space is going to be too tight for the clawfoot. He's going to look at the dimensions & help me decide if I can do it. Worst case, I'll still get the new shower, a deeper tub & a modified version of my inspiration picture so I'm trying to keep a positive attitue, but I would love the clawfoot. Will know more after tomorrow!

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Well the bathtub is gone, the shower is gone, the wall between torn down & 1/3 of the vanity gone! We're now working on plan B. The freestanding tub wouldn't fit the space, but I was still able to get a nice deep soaking tub. Unfortunately, the only working bathroom in the house is now upstairs.

The mission this weekend is to pick out tile for the shower and decide on what to put around the tub (probably tile too). Will need to start thinking of paint colors too. I have until Monday before the carpenter comes back to install the tub & start on the shower. Much to do. Thanks for all your thoughts & comments. Think it's gonna look so much better!

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So exciting! Make sure you take lots and LOTS of pictures!

Oh, and I love your inspiration pictures--it is going to be beautiful!

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