Preservative: When, Why & Which One?

epiphaneeeOctober 6, 2006

Hi Everyone. :) I'm new to the site and just started making lotion and want to try a few other goodies that I've read about here. I have a few Q's about preservatives, particularly pertaining to lotions, lotion bars and scrubs.

1) As I understand it, a preservative is necessary for any product that either contains water or will be exposed to water, incl. steam from the shower. Is this the only "rule" or is it safer to use a preservative in other products as well (e.g., lotion bars)?

2) I used Phenonip in my first lotion recipe at +1%, but have seen others that suggest Gerbamen II, Germal and one or two more. Can anyone explain when you should use which one and why?

Thanks So Much!


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I don't use a preservative in my lotion bars.

Phenonip, is a wide range preservative. It "covers" more bases. And is the best choice when making things that are done over high heat.

Germaben is good for lotions and creams.

Germall II is good for powders, clay masks and things like that.

Here is a link that might be useful: FNWL Preservative help

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Thanks for the explanation and the link, Terri. :) Much Appreciated!!

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Hey I'm new to this site also and was wondering where do I get preservatives from. I've tried a health food store and a muslim oils store. Neither one of them had it. I'm really at a loss as to where I can go to get this

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I've actually seen them on several sites.

Here is a place to start


or you could google it :)


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Two of my favorite places are
Oregon Trails

oh another
Majestic Mountain Sage

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