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nookieOctober 11, 2003

I'm hoping that someone here could help me with my little problem. I would like to make some bath salts for x-mas presents and have run into a little glitch. All of the receipes I have found have epsom salts in them. I live in France and can't find epsom salt anywhere!! Gggrrrr!! I can however find tons of sea salt. Are epsom salts really necessary? Are there and receipes out there that are sea salt based? Could you share some receipes if you have them?

I also am curious to know what each ingredient actually does in a receipe. Which ingredients are relaxing,skin softners, engergizing etc.....

I know, I'm a pain but I'd like to do this right and not half fast and sloppy :o)

Thank-you in advance!!


who has visions of saly crystals dancing in her head :o)

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You can use either Epsom Salts or Sea Salts in your bath salt recipes. Here in the U.S., Epsom Salt is very cheap and easy to come by, which is why it is so popular. Here is a recipe from another board I belong to that you may find useful. As for what each ingredient does, I can't answer that one. I have never made bath salts although I have toyed with the idea (just haven't gotten around to it yet).

Bath Salts

Sea salt, Epsom salts, or borax (one or a combination of all three)
Essential oil in desired fragrance
Food coloring
Dried herbs such as rose petals or rosemary (optional)
Powdered milk to moisturize skin (optional)
Glass bottles or jars

Combine the salts and add the oil one drop at a time. Gradually add coloring
until the desired color is achieved. Add the dried herbs and powdered milk.
Transfer the salts to decorative bottles or jars, and apply labels. Sprinkle the
salts into your bathwater as the tub fills to release the aroma from the
essential oil. Note: if you're using dried herbs in the recipe, tie the salts in a
small muslin bundle before adding to the bath water so that the botanical
material won't cling to your skin or clog the drain.
Bright blessings,
Rachel - Board Moderator/Owner

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Thanks sriston!! I'm so glad that I can do this with sea salts. Woohoo!! Now I need to get my butt over to the pharmacy to buy all the neat stuff that goes into them. :o)

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