coconut oil

runningtrailsOctober 29, 2008

What percentage of the total fat needs to be coconut oil in CP soap to still get a good lather? It is so expensive and I don't want to use more than is necessary for rich lather, and it's very drying.

Also, does Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate SLSA make a good rich lather in CP soaps and can it be ued in place of coconut oil? Does anyone know a supplier of SLSA in the Toronto, or north of, area?

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I use 10 percent coconut but prefer using Palm Kernel Oil at that same rate as it seems less drying to some and gives me the same lather. I have heard of slsa being added at trace to cp but be sure to put it on your label as some people are sensitive to it. Have you checked Cranberry Lane or Oshun for the slsa?

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Thanks for the info! I have decided to forego the SLSA and stick with coconut oil. 10% sounds good. That is what I used in my latest batch yesterday.

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I use a *lot* of coconut oil in my batches. Usually about 50% You need to keep the castor oil content down though (if you use any), as it ruins the big foamy suds from the coconut oil. Batches with 30% and up are probably going to foam nicely, but that is only guesstimation.

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I've been using 25% coconut oil but am going to switch to palm kernel oil in my next batch because it's suppose to be less drying. I also add a tablespoon of regular sugar to my water before adding lye for more lather.
Go to and plug in your oil percentages. A very good tool.
I don't have any experience with the SLSA.
Good luck.

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Palm oil supports the lather of other oils, including coconut. I use it as the highest percentage (up to 30% total) of my hard oils. I don't like how drying coconut oil makes the soaps (but I love it in shampoos), so I don't do more than 10% (total oils). I ALWAYS add castor oil (about 1 oz/#) because it gives lots of big bubbles. Cocoa butter will give you a creamy lather.

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I do 50/50 on Coconut and Palm oil and really havn't played around with any other oils yet. I'm really liking this, but, would like to try out some new ones as well.
So anyways, I do 20% coconut, 20% palm and 60% olive oil.,

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