Can I make candles without special eqipment?

cathleen_ni_houlihanOctober 9, 2011

I love beeswax and I've been saving the leftover wax from my spent candles. I now have quite a bit of wax, and I would like to recycle it into some new candles. Can anyone advise me about the simplest and cheapest way to make candles out of leftover wax?

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The simplest do is to make container candles. You will be needing jars, wicks, a candle thermometer and a pot for melting the wax. You may also want some scent & color. You really can't do with less equipment than this.

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Cathleen- I made my first candles last week. I purchased 6" wicks on Amazon that had a litle metal base on them and I hot glued those into a teacup. I melted the old candles down in an old mr. coffee carafe, which I placed in a pan of water and simmered until the wax melted. I had a couple pieces of a pink and purple candle (someone told me you can use small pieces of crayon?) and melted those in for color. When the wax reached the right temp, I added a half ounce of scent - about $2.79 a for 2-ounce bottle - mail order. Stir well and pour into the teacup. When it cools, there will be a big dent in the center, so save a little wax to reheat and add to fill the hole. I ended up making about a dozen candles in vintage teacups and saucers for sale in a craft boutique. Check online for specific directions and sources. Good luck.

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