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JoC__SCSeptember 28, 2003

What a bummer! I've had a booth at our home town festival for several years and have gradually seen it going down hill fast. When you apply, you're told handcrafted only. Guess they considered anything that a human touches to be handcrafted. Lots of empty booths this year, too. None of the crafters were doing much in sales, but the Made in China folks were doing great. And the jewelry dealers. And if their jewelry was handmade, I'll eat it! Did hear a couple of crafters mention they were requesting their entry fee back. I did about 1/3 of what I usually do.

I guess the one good thing that came out of the show is, I don't have to work like a crazy person for the next show.

Sorry to grumble, but just had to vent a little.

I did sell some teacup birdfeeders, shimmering potpourri, German chocolate cake soap, foamer soaps, few lotion/gel sets, and menopause fans.

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Too bad it didn't go as well as expected. My curiousity is up- what are menopause fans?

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Just use any kind of folding fan, got mine at Oriental Trading, added a card with a woman fanning graphic on it and the following:
When a hot flash hits
And you can't take off your clothes
Just open up this little fan
And make a cool breeze blow.

Put them in a poly bag with a ribbon tie.
Simple and fun, and everyone that looked at them said, That reminds me of...... or .........sure could use one of these.

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Those sound cute. I have never heard of or seen them before. Hope your next show goes better!

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I have seen some town festivals gradually decline like you are mentioning. We finally have decided to give up the one in May because it has rapidly been going down hill, and this year they gave out surveys asking how we felt about allowing buy/sell. Well, they already have it, so if they "ALLOW" it, it will be worse, it will Tupperware and MakeUP, and all that too.

I have heard over the past couple years (at least three years) that show sales have declined. I think crafts is one of those first to go when times are tough, luxury item.

I am crossing my fingers that we pick up in sales this month, but not holding my breath. You are right about "made in china". We looked at one booth Saturday that had all Ohio wholesale items, and I flipped one over and the sticker was removed, she didn't even do a good job at it. And they were doing a good business. Same with jewelry, a lot of it is b/s. Just like ceramics and raw wood, it will even out, remember when it seemed everyone was doing ceramics, then wood, and then gel candles (only saw one of them at the show Saturday). It ebbs and flows, you just have to work on your craft and style and let the tide pass you by!!

AND YES, positive thinking, you are ahead for the next show.


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