Two questions about soap coloring

elle110September 11, 2003

Hi Everyone,

Getting ready to do some holiday soaps (halloween and Xmas) I have a question on painting soap, I would like to paint black eyes and a green stem on one of the pumpkin soaps I am making but am not sure how to go about doing this. I have several other soaps I would like to do some painting on as well.

Next, does anyone know where I can get brown soap color? I have been using spices so far to get a brown hue or a little yellow to get a tan. Ginger gives a nice brown but I am getting tired of the work mixing with glycerin etc.



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I just answered one of my questions by reading down in the forum. There is already a place given where you can get brown dye but I still need the soap painting answer


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THere is a paint available to paint on soap, I think plaid makes it, (not 100% about the brand) you can paint on soap & candles with it. Check google, or else try your local craft store-Micheals, hobby lobby etc.....

Also, there should be a color chart somewhere to mix dyes to get brown......don't know where though......


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