Foil containers for candles?? New to this :)

LurielleSeptember 29, 2012


I hope this finds you all in a very peaceful state of mind.

I'm interested in making container candles for myself, and family. I want to make the big 5 wick candle. Is it okay to use foil containers? And if so where would I buy them? If foil is not a good idea, should I use glass ot tins?

Thank you much for your help. It is VERY much appreciated.

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Depending on the wick size you use, a five wick candle mold could be rather large. That said, you can make a candle mold out of just about anything that 1) won't melt or break when you fill it with 180 degree wax and 2) if it's to be a pillar, you can get the candle out. Milk cartons and coffee cans work, but foil might be a light weight.

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