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sristonSeptember 8, 2003

Bill and I are doing our first craft booth at our local Riverboat Days here the first weekend in October. We have never done anything like this- we are not really into craft shows and such but thought this was too good of a money-making opportunity to pass up. We will have a ten by ten booth, and we will have our soap and candles, plus a few odds and ends like lotion. I am looking for ideas on how to set this up, since I am totally unfamiliar with doing such. Does anyone have any ideas they'd like to pass on as to what made a nice display in this size space?


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I just completed my 1st Craft Show this past weekend and it was a HUGE success, I can't beleive how much I sold and everyone loved my products,

My booth was 10x10, we used a EZ UP tent since it was outside, I bought Rubbermaid shelves at Lowes and displayed my items that way.

One thing I did observe was people really would rather not not walk into your booth, especially if there are not others there already so I put my shelve right up front.

I am thinking of changing my booth especially for this type of set up in the future. I am going to surround the booth with long covered tables so everthing is displayed easily, I will also come up with some type of display on the tables to display the soaps, butters etc. I like the idea of being in the booth rather than trying to man the shelves, there was really no place for me to comfortably be while people were shopping.

Another person had soaps as well and she had long baskets lined and each soap was in their own basket. It was a nice set-up and she had the tables surround the perimeter of her booth.

I don't know if this is very explainatory or helps

Good Luck with your show


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I've tried various set ups in the 6 or so years I've done shows.
I too have found they don't like to "come into" my booth....maybe because with the scented stuff folks spend too much time sniffing everything?

Anyway, I use (2) 4'x2½' tables end to end. Made tablecovers to the floor on all sides. I just do a simple flat display across the top, generally, but have used covered boxes for dimension on occasion.

My sales don't seem to improve or decrese no matter HOW i do the booth, EXCEPT for the time they had to come into the booth, then sales dropped. They prefer to line up along the edge of the table, so when I set up I just set my booth up about 18" back from the people around me. That way I'm not BACK, & people don't have to "come into" my booth, BUT it get's them out of the MAIN part of the isle.....

I just set my soap & scented stuff up on one of the tables (does somewhat creep over to the other table, but NOT by much)& try to keep the unscented stuff on the other table. That way folks who don't want to deal with the "smellies" don't have to-or at least not as much!
Has worked well for me so far....


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Thanks for the tips and ideas! I appreciate it!

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I too have found that folks don't like to "Come in". So when there is an option for 10x10, or just 6' frontage, I generally will purchase 2 6' spaces rather than a 10x10.


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