Awfully quiet over here.....

Hazel_SCSeptember 4, 2004

So what's everyone (anyone?) doing these days?

I've been listing on ebay, & listing on ebay, & listing on working on jewelry (just finishing a huge wholesale jewelry order from the web site).

A friend kindly reminded me that my 1st craft show of the season is 4 weeks from monday..........and I have no clue what I'm going to do.......I was adding jewelry to my other items, and had planned to do about 50/50, but I may do more like 75% jewelry, 25% soap & scented stuff.

Guess I need to figure it out soon, LOL!

Just thought I'd enquire & see if anyone was around......


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Good to hear from you, Hazel. I haven't been doing much of anything (but working). Business has been steady, so I can't complain. I haven't tried making anything new, just been too busy with my real job (LOL) and the shop on weekends. (That translates into a 7 day work week right now.)

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Guess we must be the only ones around.

Web site has been getting busy. I have 4 orders I'm working on now. 2 definitly will ship friday, hopefully 3, then I goota start on stuff for the craft shows & park......this IS becoming a REAL job, LOL!


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