New and need supplier

swiftaSeptember 22, 2007

Hi All.. First time to post here. I just ordered my first batch of supplies, ie..molds, oils and some M&P base.I ordered from Soap Crafters. I didnt get a chance to order colors. Very expensive. Can I use food coloring? Where is the best places to get receipes and supplies. Thank a bunch Swifta

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no don't use food will color things it shouldn't. Don't need coloring anyway..use some coffee grounds, oatmeal or dried rose petals for interest.

I'm sure Soap Crafters has recipes and ideas. just do a google or other search engine search... great info..

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True, food coloring will not work well. It is not made to dissolve in soap. I recommend some tint in MP soap, if it is a clear soap. (If you drop the soap and can't see it, it is a slipping hazard.) I like the powdered colorants from They are less messy than liquids and last a long time. They are also quite appealing to the eye.

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Anne-Marie is the owner of Brambleberry and

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I am also new. Where is the best place to buy your oils for CP?

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The best place I've found is oils by nature.

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