LOOKING for: Somersizing

bobbijospinSeptember 29, 2001

Does anyone know where I can find original Somersized recipes other than the ones in her books?



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There are 2 somersizing groups on yahoo groups. Sommersizing and Somersizing. They share recipes.

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If you go to page 4 on this forum, and look for Joyce asking for Somersizing recipes on Nov. 12,00 someone has put a very good site on there to look at. My neighbor lady has lost 20 # in about 3 months on this. Marion

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Joyce--Last Nov. 12,2000 you posted a site on here to go for sommersize recipes. It was a great site and I put it on a disk and lent it out and can't get it back. Could you post the site again? Marion

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Just go to suzannesomers.com
I believe you just click on community and go to recipe suggestions.

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