Wood look porcelain tile brands and are you happy?

jterrilynnJuly 11, 2014

Hi, I have pretty much decided on wood look "rectified" porcelain planks for my master bedroom and bath. I think this will work best considering I have dogs, live in Florida and it's all off the pool area. There is already a sort of look going on in the house with the somewhat vibrant flat panel cherry kitchen cabinets. There is also a multi colored stone fireplace that has tics of that shade. I want something in a color that will somewhat jive with that (but not as bright). There is more to the story on me wanting to blend so it is what it is.
I have been reading about the glazed porcelain plank tiles and how one can really go wrong. Apparently some have a very thin glaze on top; it is prone to chipping and looking really bad. Are they all glazed? I read through a few old posts and did not see the glaze addressed.
I am not in the high "best" price range category. I am in the "good" range. How do I sort this out? I have read that spending more isn't always the "best". What sites have Real reviews? For those of you who have wood look porcelain tile would you know of brands I should stay away from or brands you would recommend? I didn't realize there was so much out there.

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jterrilynn, there have been several posts on wood-look porcelain tiles in the last few months (I've replied to several of them) with lots of good information. A bit quiet here in the summer, so some of these old posts might give you extra information. Also search in Kitchens and Bathrooms.

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Thanks Crispa, IâÂÂve narrowed it down to wants: V3, impervious, PEI class 4 and rectified. I pretty much know Homogeneous is most likely out of my budget (although I really want it). WhatâÂÂs tripping me up is this glaze thing (not mentioned here on GW). I remember reading some things about bad glazing and chips. I donâÂÂt understand glazing or if once you move out of the Homogenous porcelain all wood look porcelain is glazed(?). I would like a semi matt lookâ¦is that glazed? I want the rest of the puzzle for my head. I guess maybe if I stay away from China made IâÂÂll be somewhat safe. I must understand every little detail I tell ya! This will be another DIY and the order-er (me) has to know these things.

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My parents put these in their informal dining room and down a hall. The acoustics motivated us to go with vinyl.

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The only downside I see in wood vs 'wood look' tile is when something is dropped on tile, it will definitely be broken. On wood, the odds are less. That's just my personal experience.

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I contacted my friend who just moved from their house that had the wood-look tiles throughout the downstairs. Unfortunately, she couldn't remember the name of them. She did save one tile, but it was an out-of-state move and she hasn't unpacked all the boxes yet. Knowing her schedule, I imagine the miscellaneous boxes will probably remain packed for a long time. I'm so sorry I couldn't help you.

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Here is the one we used in our guest house. We have about 1600 sq.ft. of it. Have dropped several heavy objects and no broken tiles ... I don't think that is a reason to never install tile! I try not to drop heavy items on any household surface!

Very happy with it and it was the right product for what is mostly a "man cave" and the users aren't very careful!

We used the 8" width in the two lengths available ( 24" and 40"). Laid them out pretty randomly. No issues with bowing or lipage. We have the Brun color.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cerdomus tile, Barrique Collection

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Chrispa, no one *intends* to drop anything on purpose, but accidents do happen, and you've lost something you love or it's an expensive item. If I were to drop my McKensie Phillips $178(each!) sugar bowl and creamer, I would be devastated. I bought them on a trip with my 3 DD's so not only is there sentimental meaning, it was expensive. I've dropped cups, bowls, and even glasses on the wood, and have never had one broken or chipped in 6 years. I've had tile in the past, and there isn't a second chance.

My son has gone back and forth about the two different surfaces and one of his fears is in breaking something, especially since he's a guy. He sell's on ebay, and does all his packaging in the kitchen, hence the worry. Again, just my experience and 2 cents.

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Chispa, I like that because in the picture it looks unglazed or matte and a non gloss is what I'm after. I know this is a rude question but on a scale of 1 to 10 in prices where would this fall a sf?

Thank you all! I think I need to find a deal on unglazed color through (homogeneous) porcelain wood look tile. Most I looked at were outrageously expensive but I did see some in the $4 something a sf range. I may have to give something up like color variation or rectified. There is much contradiction on line explaining the glazed and matte technique so IâÂÂm going no further with that. I just know that I want something where a chip isnâÂÂt going to show much. IâÂÂve lived with many a tiled floor in the over thirty five years I have been in Florida and hate those chips that happen where the color difference is wow in a bad way. So I think (still not a 100%) that IâÂÂm looking at unglazed porcelain with a MOH of 6 or 7â¦I donâÂÂt know⦠As well as the rest mentioned above in my 2nd reply. My second choice will be a matte finish that I guess is glazed and the tile itself is not color through.

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I must have been having a 70's flashback! lol It's Mckensie Child's, NOT Phillip's, big difference!

When I was in HD yesterday, there were a few porcelain or ceramic faux woods on sale. I didn't stop to look so didn't read the sale signs, but it might be worth the effort to look online.

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Patty, I know, but it is similar to the argument that people give when they tell people not to install hardwood in the kitchen due to some future potential flooding. This is my third house with all hardwood in the kitchen and not a flood to be seen ... and if there was a major flood, then that is why I pay a fortune in insurance! I've had plenty of glasses and plates break when dropped on hardwood, so hardwood isn't the perfect flooring either.

jterrilynn, we installed 2 years ago as part of a new build of a guest house, so I don't have exact pricing. The GC got his cut and a designer I consulted for some finishes, did too!

I tried linking a post at John Bridges that discusses the same tile, but GW won't let me link. Google that site and search for a post titled "Plank Questions" from last years.

I looked on line and retail is around $9 with sale prices in the $5 - 6 /sq.ft range. Materials only.

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Here is a link to a color body tile that gets great reviews on the John Bridge Tile forum. I haven't had a chance to view it in person yet so unsure of how glossy it looks. It is a color body tile so any chips will not be as glaring as the color is all the way through the tiles.

Here is a link that might be useful: Florida Tile wood look

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Patty, I know you are right about those accidental chips. It happens rarely but it does happen. Usually there is someone else to blame but I still remember the day I was way up high on a ladder putting up curtain rods and elbowed the hammer off the ladder ledge top. The tile didnâÂÂt break but it had that ugly two tone chip thing. I had no more tiles and no tiles were to be found.

Chispa, thank you so much for your time on this!!! Hopefully my husband and I can to a tile shop this week and IâÂÂm hoping to see this brand in person.

Kathy, husband really likes the looks of this tile online. When I checked their site there are many dealers near. Now I just need to weed through those who actually have the product in the store. However, if that doesnâÂÂt pan out we are going to order some samples from Florida tile and those that Chispa posted.

We also have a big tile outlet store down south. Last I was there I didnâÂÂt like the options. However, I guess their inventory changes regularly. I am now armed with enough info to make a good decision.

Thank you all!

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I am happy With my wood look tile. I've had it a year and no chipped tiles yet. I am not sure if they are glazed. They are not shiny. We got ours at a clearance sale and I think the brand was Spanish Tile. We also looked at a brand called Florida tile.

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I put in wood look tile from Tile America. It's called: Sequolo, Moro.
I love it. We have real wood through out the house but put in porcelain in the family room addition because I also put in radient heat in the floor. The floor takes abuse from my dogs and sons better than my wood floors do. No issues with chipping and ironically I dropped a hammer once also. I do not regret it. I might rip the ood out of my kitchen and put porcelain in there also.

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Forgot to add, mine are glazed.

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I have Mohawk Stage Pointe Toasted Walnut. I'm not recommending that particular color way but it is rectified, matte, and slip resistant. My old dogs have little trouble, which isn't the case with wood or vinyl. I've had it for a year and no chips, yet.
We're putting it in our bedroom and bath this fall, too. Pricing is $4-5/sq for the tile itself.

There are pros and cons for any flooring, but tile works for our kids, pets, and our hot and humid climate with slab foundation. I use area rugs so acoustics are not tinny. I would use area rugs on all hard surfaces, anyway, because I love them!

Here's a pic of it installed. I used grout that was darker than the darkest color in the tile, since grout tends to lighten as it dries.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mohawk page

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