So, what's everbody doing?

Hazel_SCSeptember 20, 2003

Any body here??

Just wondered what everyone's been up to??

I took an unplanned trip to the Chicago area at the end of august, going back the 1st of October, then over to MI to see DH's grandparents (& hopefully fall colors & get apple cider)

Have been working on stuff for shows, baby hats, catnip mice, cool masks & mini mitts. First show isn't until the 18th of Oct, so I'll do soap after I get back from up north (on the 9th) to start working on it.

Lotions & shower gels didn't do well locally last year, so don't know if I'm gonna make any of that for shows or just keep it on the web site.

Bought the stuff to make moasic coasters from left over stained glass bits, but haven't even thought about playing with that......maybe have to wait till next year to do that.

Did get the craft room pretty much raked out & cleaned out. Still a little more I want to do, but it won't happen till after the new year starts.

So, what's everybody else been up to?

Any new stuff to play with?


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I have been working, working, working (at my REAL job). However, we are trying to get ready for our first show the first weekend in October, but I am selling everything (soap) as fast as I can get it made! Which is good, but I am afraid the merchandise will be slim for the show. I did buy some of those foamer bottles from WSP and I am very impressed with them. I had some bath gel, which was very nice and thick but when I added fragrance to it, it became very watery and wanted to separate, whether I warmed it and added the fragrance or whether I just added it to the base as-is. The co-op I got it from (Cybilla) said to add about 1/2 teaspoon for 8 ounces. Well, I like very fragrant products and half a teaspoon just doesn't get it for me. Anyway, I had made a big batch in several fragrances (before I realized it was a flop) so I had all of this bath "gel" that wasn't fit to sell. Someone on my yahoo soap group suggested that to salvage it I could try putting it in a foamer bottle. I did, tonight. Boy is it great- the foam is very smooth and silky and really great. The bottles are pump; I don't know how they make such wonderful foam from such a slight pump, but it didn't take much of a pump at all to produce a handful of foam. I think it will sell well. I'd also like to try to formulate some kind of shaving foam for my son. I make shaving soap for him, but he'd really like to have foam. (I have to use SFIC bases for him as he is allergic to any other type of soap products). So, if you haven't tried one yet, try one of those foamer bottles.

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I have my first show for this year on the 27th, and I'm sure I won't be ready. My daughter and I have been working on several different things this past week. Packing give-away bags, making small soap flower samples for my biz cards, bagging vac freshener and sachets, filling those wonderful foamer bottles (we made shaving and hunter and fisherman scents in these too), holiday glitter lotion and shower gel(found the cutest ornament shaped bottles), German chocolate cake soap(that hubby wanted to eat), dreamcicle soap pops, shimmering potpourri (made one that smells like peppermint patties), crystal rock potpourri, shaving soap mug & brush sets, jar oil lamps and goldfish soap. Next week we hope to get some of the mason jar soap/lotion dispensers made and some teacup birdfeeders.
No wonder I'm tired!
Sure didn't like reading that folks are not buying very much at shows so far. Oh well, I'll have Christmas gifts made, if nothing else.
Jo in SC

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How did you make the shaving soap in the foamer bottles? I usually make bars with goatsmilk, shea and castor oil, and Bentonite clay, but I don't know how to make it for a foamer bottle.

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I used a very simple recipe for Body Care Basics magazine.
1 oz antibacterial liquid soap
EO or FO
liquid colorant
distilled water to fill bottle

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Thanks, Jo.

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