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LibbySeptember 23, 2001

Hello All,

Does anyone know whether low-fat/no-fat milk contains the same amount of casein as whole milk. The milk protein is separate from the fatty part, right??? or not...

Thanks ~~ Libby

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You're right... casien is the milk protein and it is not contained in the fat... so far as I know, anyway.

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You can switch to Soya milk which is safe. You can also use is instead of cow milk in most of the recipes. Both of my grandchilden are alergic to casein in cow milk since they were born. They were both breast fed till they were year old, but if their mother drank cow milk they had allergy reaction just as same. From the second day after their birth they were showing reaction by having red rash on cheek, later on both cheeks and on their chin. These were only visible reactions, who knows if poor babies suffered. We only figured it out when older one was one year old and we took her for overseas visit. There was no question anymore what was the culprit. With younger one we knew right from his birth. My daughter had problems with bad complexion since the puberty and when she stopped using dairy products because of the babies, her complection cleared up just great. I wish more people would be aware of this and be more observant in this aspect.

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Casein is in the milk and therefore in all cow products. Cheeses with milk of the cow contain as well casein.

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