Wall panel alternative to cast iron hot water radiators?

amnaFebruary 24, 2008


We are thinking of replacing our cast iron hot water radiators with the "european style" flat panel radiators - primarily because the rooms are rather small, the radiators take up a lot of space and somehow end up being the focal point of the room. Looking to replace with something less obtrusive but with similar excellent heating capabilities. Was wondering if people had any experiences (good and bad) with Runtal, Myson, Veha or Buderus that could help narrow our choices. Runtal seems to be quite a bit more pricey than Veha for example so is that a reflection on the quality of the product?

Any advice would be much appreciated.



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I'm not sure any of us have an answer for you. Not ignoring your post. Try the Heating forum, linked below. Hope they have an answer for you.

Here is a link that might be useful: Heating forum

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Thanks emagineer,

I didn't imagine that I was being ignored :-) I think it might just be that these radiators are not so common in America so people don't have much experience with them. Thanks for your suggestion - I did post on the Heating forum but not much info there either. We will contact the Runtal people and see what we learn.

Thanks again

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Runtal USA is pretty local to me so they get used quite a bit around here as an alternative to ordinary baseboard - in my previous house the plumber (plumbers mostly do the hot-water-based heating here, HVAC people are for forced hot air and AC) tried to talk me into a Runtal radiator/towel warmer for the bathroom. They just didn't have a style I liked. Buderus and Myson are also well known in the industry for good quality products; I've never heard of Veha and after getting into deep doodie with using a relatively unknown, bargain priced brand (Hudson-Reed) for the radiator/towel warmer in previous house's bathroom I'd personally stick with the big names. The bloody thing leaked nonstop and I canceled out the savings over a similar Myson by having the plumber back to tinker with it half a dozen times!

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