I make Pizza and My Hands Smell -- How to make kitchen soap

pgh-pizzamanSeptember 3, 2009

Good Morning....

Been doing a lot of reading and there's too much out there when it comes to making kitchen soaps...sooooo....I thought that maybe someone here has had some great success in making both a bar and a liquid soap version. I want to make it and use it at my stores for my employees.

Thanks in advance

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I add a bit of Spearmint Essential oil to unscented liquid soap base. That is what I keep near my kitchen sink and I like the results. (BTW, I make pizza too.) You can add Spearmint EO to a solid bar too. (About 1/2 tsp to 4 oz. soap.)

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First...do you own a pizzeria...or are a BoyrDee Pro?

Anyhow, I have been reading about the mix of goats milk, EO of Cappucino and coffee grounds...but there are soooo many variations.

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No, I am strictly a pizza hobbyist. There are loads of good things out there, but spearmint oil is the one I have tried. And I have had good results getting my hands to stop smelling like garlic.

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Thanks.....will try.....and the pizza thing must be a May thing....my bday is 7 days after yours

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No doubt- we are born at the right time to be good cooks! Now, to be more specific about my liquid soap. Any unscented liquid base will do.

I use Dr. Bronners's unscented liquid soap, which I order, in quart bottles, from drugstore.com. I add 1.5 tablespoons spearmint Essential oil to a quart.(I also add a couple of glass marbles to the bottle, to help the oil to mix in.)

I get my spearmint EO from Brambleberry.com. They also sell liquid soap base in gallon bottles. This may be better for you, since I imagine you will need larger quantities than I do. I hope this info is helpful.

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Do what restaurant workers do...............wear gloves.

Gloves not only protect the hands from the food, but protect the food product you are working with from contamination from your hands.

No odors. No stains. No burning from peppers. No contamination of product either.

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