LOOKING for: Eggless Cake

LeanneGAugust 29, 2001


Does anyone have a GOOD EGGLESS cake recipe? (Prefer white or yellow) Thank you in advance...

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The Nestle Cocoa box has a recipe on the back for "perfect chocolate cake". I followed the recipe, except I subsituted apple sauce for shortening, and didn't add eggs. It came out perfect! Almost healthy, too.

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My son has an allergy to egg, so I found this wonderful chocolate cake recipe, after time and a bit of testing, you can make a few different cakes.
1 packet Chocolate cake mix.
1 packet Instant chocolate pudding mix. (not the self-saucings pudding mix)
1 1/2 cups milk.
Mix all together using an electric mixer, Bake in a 20cm cake tin, at 180*C for about 25 minutes, or until a skewer come out clean.
Use vanilla packet mixes.
Use vanilla cake mix and strawberry pudding mix.
Use vanilla or chocolate packet mixes and add a Banana or 125g choc chips. (Reduce Milk by 1/2 cup)
The whole family loves it, I have to make it once a week.

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Lots here. Click on "CAKE" and then scroll down to "White Cake"

Here is a link that might be useful: VEGAN CAKES

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Try using "EnerG egg replacer" for the eggs in receipes. It contains no eggs, has 0 fat, 0 cholesterol and 5 mg. sodium. A box seams high but is not because it makes alot of eggs. I calculated it out one time and decided you saved alot by buying this product. It is in the health and diet sections at some grocery stores and at health food stores.
To cut your receipe further, use "featherweight baking powder" (no sodium) and "EnerG Baking Soda" (no sodium) and use fruit purees for the oil in receipes.

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I cook and bake eggless! For an eggless cake with frosting email me!

Here is a link that might be useful: Classic Webpage

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