RECIPE: Recipe for the Juice Diet

wandaAugust 13, 2001

***Secret Recipe***

One Cup Papaya Juice

One Banana

One-Half Cup Green Tea / strongly brewed

One Scoop Soy Protein Powder w/ Spirulina

One-half Cup Blueberries / Can Be Frozen

One-Fourth Cup Carrot Juice

One-Fourth Cup Apricot Juice

One-Half Cup Non-Fat Plain Yogurt

One Pack Sweet & Low

Blend all of the above ingredients together until smooth. Serve over ice.

Recipe yields 2 servings. Drink every 3 hours or less (up to 6 times a day).

NOTE* Try to use juices with no added sugar or corn syrups, as this is the key to losing weight quickly!

Supplement with 1/2 cup of ANY of the following Raw veggies between shakes:

Celery Sticks

Baby Carrots

Green Pepper Slices

Mushroom Slices

Cherry Tomatoes

Shredded Lettuce

Yellow Squash Slices

NOTE* Do this diet for ONLY 2 days, This is meant to jump start your weight loss or get off those pesky 5-10 pounds quickly. It is not meant to be continued after 3 days. It can, however, be repeated every 2 weeks or so. As always, check with your Dr. for his/her advise on weight loss.

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