Where to start?

msalex28aSeptember 7, 2008

I came across the idea of wanting to sell soy candles. I have no idea where to start. I've been searching the internet like crazy for research on all the products that are involved. What confuses me the most is the type of waxes there are. What's the difference between soy and palm. And which soy is the best they have so many different varieties.

Now which websites have a good reputation? Meaning good quality but also decently priced. I would prefer to find a website where I can buy several things to save on shipping.

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The obvious difference between soy and pal wax is their source plants.Both are environmentally friendly but soy wax is produced in the US and palm wax must be imported. So I prefer soy wax. Palm wax is harder and can be used for pillar candles or tapers. Soy wax is softer so you use if for container candles, which are relatively easy to make. So far, I have used Golden Brands Soy wax and it is pretty good. I buy from Candle Science. Their prices are good, and they have nice scented oils too. They also include a one-ounce oil sample of your choice with every order and they ship quickly. I will include a link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Candle Science

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Wow thatsite was so helpful. I have searched all over the web to try to find that type of info. Thank you so much.

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Glad to help. Did you click on the video about how to make soy candles?

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Yes that was neat and you say their oils are good. Can I use them to make reed diffussers?

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Their oils are good for candles. I have tried them and generally get good results. The soy ratings are pretty useful. Most are approved for use in bath & body products too, but I have no experience with reed diffusers. Call their customer service dep't for more info. I have found them very helpful.

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Which Golden Brands do you use? I tried the ecosoya and loved the appearance then I tried the Golden Brands 464. Holds excellent throw but the top of it always looks crackled.

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I have used Golden Brands 415. It can also get that crackled look, but it is less likely, if you pour it as cool as possible. Also, you can use a heat gun to smooth out the top.

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